About The Sage Soul

For me, this is about the story. When I look around at my favorite things in my home, the gifts I've been given, even some articles of clothing – they come with a memory. When I realized the vision of The Sage Soul, this idea... the idea of meaning and energy living within the items I carry in these two mobile boutiques. That is where it all began. The foundation of this lives within how I curate the items we carry. There is an exchange that happens. An exchange of energy, time, love, and passion that flows through the people creating these items, to the people who pick them up to purchase. The Sage Soul is just the meeting point. The meeting point of the memory and meaning that will live on through that item. To me, that's what we do here. This isn't just retail. This is an experience. This is the supporting of strong women and their craft. This is where we create together as a community, and create a more conscious shopping experience. This is our story.  This is The Sage Soul.