Loretta Walsh Jacket | Enchanted Falls
Loretta Walsh Jacket | Enchanted Falls
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Loretta Walsh Jacket | Enchanted Falls

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Named after the first enlisted woman in the US Navy (1917) These jackets are made from 1960-1979 era military uniforms.  In the early '80s, the military transitioned away from this OD Green blouse to the very recognizable camouflage uniforms they use now.  Vietnam era uniforms were built to be practical and comfortable for the hot jungles of Southeast Asia, making it a great option for all-weather wear present day.

Sage Soul Designs reconstructs all side seams to tailor these vintage blouses, offering a complimentary fit for the modern-day woman's style. Blouses are then updated with front pockets made out of Mud Cloth - a fair trade imported textile. As well as a decorative back patch. 

Size small/medium

*If you are military/military spouse/dependent and you have your loved ones Name Tape, branch or MOS/rating patch send them to us and we will sew on at no additional cost. As a military spouse of 10 years, I support your journey. If you are not military-affiliated and you would like a Name Tape added to your jacket send us an email, we can help*